Ride to Pies and Puddings

For the most droolworthy steaming treats in the High Country ...

As Australians, a pie for lunch is never a bad idea. In Winter, it’s the best idea. Flaky pastry cocooning fillings of all persuasions, topped with (the obligatory) tomato sauce ... the mouth waters! Follow that with a sneaky serve of pudding and, as they say, “put a fork in me - I’m done!”

A hearty meal like that is the definition of a “guilty pleasure”, but offset it with a ride and surely you’re back in the green, right?

Either way, if you need a pie or pudding to really hit the spot, the High Country is the place to find it. From steak and Guinness pies at altitude in Mountain Kitchen Dinner Plain, to delectable puddings at The Produce Store Mansfield, you don’t have to look far to treat yourself after a ride through the beautiful High Country.

Ooey gooey yummy chewy ...

Top Puddin' and Pie Picks

Map it out for me

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